Want To Keep Your Turf In Good Condition? Here Is How To Do It

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Have a sir walter buffalo lawn installed in your property? Have a natural patch of grass that you would like to keep at its best? Your lawn is one of the best things about your property and ensuring that it remains at its best is going to go a long way to improving the value of your home and giving you a better lifestyle.

So how do you go about ensuring that your turf remains in good condition? Keep reading to find out how…

Trim It 

The quickest way to keep your lawn at its best condition is to trim it on a regular basis. By cutting back your lawn, you are giving your turf the chance to grow back quicker than ever before and ensure it remains healthy. All you have to do is conduct a trimming on a regular basis to ensure that your turf remains at its best at all times. It is also the cheapest and most effective way.

Use High Quality Fertiliser

Thanks to the growth of fertilising products on the market, you now have the opportunity to find the right batch for you. It all depends on what you want to achieve with your lawn and how much you want to spend. With us, our recommendation is to use sir walter fertiliser products. They are of the highest quality and will guarantee that your lawn is at its best at all times. By applying a steady flow of fertiliser across your lawn, you will be able to enjoy your lawn and ensure that it looks amazing at all times.

Replace Damaged Parts (If Needed) 

One thing that works well with turf is that you can remove the damaged parts of the turf and keep the rest. There is no need to worry about removing the whole thing – unless it’s all damaged – because you can just get rid of the part that is affected. You will be able to ensure that your turf is at its best, without having the drama of replacing and working on the whole thing.

Remove Any Weeds 

One of the biggest killers of turfs is the growth of weeds. If you don’t kill off the weeds at the very start of their growth, they can spread rapidly and before you know it, they swamp through your turf. And this is where you can find yourself in lots of problems. You will either have to go through a thorough process of removing all the weeds in your turf, replace your turf (or parts of it) or removing it completely. If you start to notice weeds growing, start the process of removing it or prepare for the worst.

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