The Different Kinds of Retaining Walls To Choose From

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Landscaping is an art which is often used to add beauty to a given area by highlighting and enhancing its natural beauty. While designing landscapes, retaining walls often play an important role. For holding back slopes and hills, retaining walls are often used.

Kinds of retaining walls

There are several kinds of retaining walls which may be used for shaping the landscape. The different types of retaining walls may vary in terms of their features. They may hence be used according to the design of the area. Few main kinds of retaining walls include:

Gravity walls

These kinds of walls rely on the concept of gravity and their own mass for support. They can effectively hold back raised levels of earth. The distinguishing feature of these walls is that their base is generally thicker when compared with the crown. The higher mass at the base makes these walls more stable. These walls are generally made using concrete blocks.

Cantilever walls

The concepts of weights and angles are effectively utilized in these kinds of walls. The weight of retained earth is effectively used to provide support to the wall. The extended arm which reaches under the retained portion of the ground provides downward pressure which effectively counteracts the force applied from below. Landscaping companies use poured concrete for creating cantilever walls. However, for creating cantilever walls, it is important to ensure that they are constructed according to the specifications.

Piling walls

Cantilever and gravity walls are dependent on their mass for adding resistance. In contrast, piling walls utilize the pressure exerted by the ground.  These kinds of walls are usually used in soft grounds like waterfront properties. For retaining the earthen wall, sheet piling walls typically use materials like steel, vinyl and wood. In these walls, two –thirds part of it is usually below the surface whereas one thirds of it is above the surface. These walls typically use tension in the ground for support. These kinds of walls are usually used on various types of coastal properties for keeping water at bay. They are also used for maintaining walls and preventing water from flooding the grounds.


Anchoring is generally used on walls where large strains are placed on walls. The anchors are attached to the walls using cables. Anchors are mechanical devices which expand and cling to dirt. For placing anchors, boring tools are used. They are placed at places where the rock or ground can be grasped.

Various kinds of retaining walls may effectively be used to make changes in the landscape. Besides altering the appearance, retaining walls also prove to be highly functional. It is hence important to choose the right kind of retaining wall.

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