Why Remodel Your Bathroom

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You use your bathroom all the time. You don’t just don’t realise it. So why must you use and live in a home with a bathroom that you don’t like? Why don’t you think about getting your bathroom remodeled in the way you like? Money is probably stopping, as well as time and the effort required. But these are just excuses for you because there are many positives to getting your bathroom remodeled – and we have three major positives for you right here: New Style, New Design Depending on who you speak to, you can find an endless amount of bathroom styles, colours, and hues when it comes to all aspects of your bathroom. Our choice is Tilefix Tasmania, who have an endless range of bathroom tiles, accessories, and equipment that come in an array of different colours, designs, styles – modern, classic and contemporary. They are one of the leading tile shops in Tasmania. So if you are...

Three Of The Coolest Tiles Ever

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When it comes to designing and laying out your bathroom, kitchen, outdoor area or any part of your home, you want the best tiles for them. The problem is there are thousands of different tiles out there. But what is the best, most modern and coolest tiles? Well, you don’t have to stress about finding out – because we have done it for you. How did we do it? After speaking to the leading tiles store in Melbourne in Tilefix Port Melbourne, we have found the three coolest tiles ever. For more information on these tiles – or if you want more information on tiles and bathroom accessories, check out our frequently asked questions. Hexagon Tiles Who says that four sides are enough? Especially when you can get a hexagon tile! That is why hexagon tiles are so cool and popular with so many people. Firstly, they break the traditional mould of four-side tiles, by being six-sided....

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